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How To Infuse Your Office With Success and Prosperity

We spend a lot of time in the office during the day. That is why it is essential to create a harmonious environment that balances the energy flows and results in positive changes in your life. Interior objects and paintings can help us with this, but they need to be chosen wisely.

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Franco-Chinese Painter Jiang Dahai is Redefining Modernity Through Abstract Paintings

-Jiang Dahai is considered the most talented living abstract painter of his generation who redefined artistic modernity with his innovative and harmonious paintings -Jiang Dahai is eyeing expansion and exhibition plans in the Middle East through Dubai-based Behnoode Foundation who has been supporting contemporary artists through creating exhibition opportunities for both emerging and established artists […]

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Web3 Innovations Reign as MENA’s Largest Hackathon in the UAE Crowns Three Winning Projects

Bybit, the global crypto exchange ranking as the third-largest by volume, has concluded a groundbreaking hackathon in partnership with DMCC Crypto Centre. This collaboration, aimed at promoting the adoption of Crypto and Web3 in Dubai, has resulted in a significant milestone for Web3 innovation. The hackathon, the largest of its kind in the MENA region, showcased the commitment of Bybit and DMCC to drive advancements in the crypto industry. A remarkable USD 110,000 prize pool was dedicated to incentivizing and propelling crypto innovation within the Web3 ecosystem, underscoring the success and importance of their partnership.

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