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Inflation, Stagflation but no Vacation

by Geoffrey Muns One thing’s for sure, no one knows for sure what’s going to happen next. This may sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly hard for economists, especially those who are often lecturing publicly. I enjoy the thrill and attention that comes from bold predictions. And when I’m on media, I feel pressure to be […]

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UAE, Saudi Arabia economies to receive backwind from rebound in global trade amid China reopening

Allianz Trade expects global trade-in value terms to grow by +10.4% in 2022 as China’s mild reopening will help the trade recovery.  Supply chain bottleneck, although currently persistent, are expected to ease, providing tailwinds for the Gulf Arab non-oil economies, the UAE and Saudi Arabia in particular.  Our proprietary data reveals that the agrifood, pharma, […]

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June Jamboree with J-Pow and Markets Pow-Wow

By Geoffrey Muns To say I’ve been inundated with calls and meeting requests to rebalance portfolios and hedge positions would be an understatement, but is the order of my day or need I say month, especially with BTC dropping sub USD 20k. As an investment manager, having endured through the tech crash in 2000, global […]

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