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TASC unveils 2nd edition of ‘Making Emiratisation a Success Guide for 2024’, amidst record-breaking 170% increase in Emiratis employed in the private sector

Published by UAE Business

In a joint effort with MoHRE, a survey conducted amongst Emirati job seekers, employers, and employees, revealed insightful data to help actualize Emiratisation in 2024.

Key Highlights:- 

  • 73.67% of UAE National employees surveyed express satisfaction with their current job, emphasizing work-life balance (62.8%), job security (59%), and career development (58.4%).
  • 77.65% of UAE Nationals use NAFIS for job searches, with 56.64% endorsing its helpfulness in their job search and career journey.
  • 52.30% of surveyed employers prefer hiring UAE Nationals permanently, while 31.80% are open to a mixed approach or hiring on a permanent and contractual basis.

Making Emiratisation a seamless process for organizations across sectors in the UAE; TASC, the region’s leading Staffing and HR Solutions Specialists, unveiled the second edition of ‘Making Emiratisation a Success Guide for 2024’. 

This initiative between the public and private sector comes in the wake of unprecedented results in Emiratisation within the private sector during 2022, showcasing a 70% increase in UAE National employees and a 96% increase in companies employing UAE Nationals, as stated by MoHRE.

A TASC-MoHRE collaboration, the second edition of the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success Guidebook’ for 2024 was launched in the esteemed presence of H.E Ahmad Yousuf Al Nasser. The guidebook provides comprehensive insights into labor laws, regulations, government initiatives, and the current hiring trends in the job market for UAE nationals. The joint engagement conducted a thorough research focussing on employer and employee perspectives in service laterals like Accounting and Finance, Operations and General Management, Procurement and Supply Chain, Logistics, Engineering and Manufacturing, Human Resources and Administration, Sales, Marketing and Communications, BI, Big Data and Analytics, Software Engineering, Digital, IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, ERP and CRM, and Financial Crime and Compliance specializations. The guidebook’s expansive reach and strategic insights make for an essential resource for integrating talented UAE nationals into the workforce. 

Speaking of the successful joint engagement between the public and the private sector with TASC, H.E. Ahmad Yousuf Al Nasser of MoHRE said; “Our shared dedication toward Emiratisation is helping us embrace a multifaceted approach to professional advancements for the UAE nationals.

Initiatives such as Nafis, the Apprenticeship Program, the National Healthcare Program, and the Teaching Specialists Program exemplify our focus on providing tailored opportunities for professional advancement. These programs offer support for healthcare education, specialized training in critical industries, and other resources essential for success. These initiatives are not just symbolic gestures; they are tangible pathways to success. By investing in our nationals’ education and skill development, we are not only addressing immediate employment needs but also laying the foundation for a resilient and prosperous future. Through these programs, we are cultivating a highly skilled workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow while driving sustainable growth and prosperity for the UAE.”

The survey conducted with all three segments representing the UAE nationals, employers, and employees had 5,500+ responses across diverse industries. Focussing on the employee perspective the guidebook allows a vivid insight into the job market in 2024, highlighting both opportunities and challenges faced by UAE National professionals as well as private-sector organizations. TASC highlights that the study’s primary objective was to capture a detailed snapshot of the Emirati employment landscape, offering insights that can steer policymaking, and strategic planning to enable private-sector companies to meet and exceed their Emiratisation targets with confidence.

An interesting mix of professional preferences reveals that 73.67% of UAE National employees surveyed are satisfied with their current job, prioritizing factors such as work-life balance (62.8%), job security (59%), and career development (58.4%). Whereas, about 52.30% of employers surveyed preferred hiring UAE Nationals permanently and 31.80% were open to a mixed approach or hiring UAE Nationals on a permanent and contractual basis. The employers also revealed that they are focussing their Emiratisation efforts on a variety of roles with a strong emphasis on Customer Service (42.40%) and Sales & Marketing (42.05%), highlighting the importance of interpersonal and service-oriented skills in the current market. Operations roles have also received significant attention, with 33.57% of employers seeking UAE Nationals to fulfill these positions.

Speaking of the joint engagement and guidebook; Mr. Mahesh Shahdadpuri (Founder and CEO, TASC Outsourcing) said, “The second edition is more than a guide since the market insights pave the way for successful Emiratisation for employers and UAE Nationals alike. Going beyond the current integration of Emiratis into the workforce, we understand that an impressive 72.47% of candidates surveyed are willing to join both the public and private sectors indicating a workforce ready and eager to contribute. Also, 78% of employers surveyed are set to welcome up to 10 UAE National professionals. These statistics signal increased initiatives to make Emiratisation an integral part of work culture in the UAE.”

The guidebook also includes an updated framework of the Emiratisation policies and their benefits, along with details of Violations and penalties for Non-Compliance with the Emiratisation policies. With Emiratisation targets, details of government initiatives to boost Emiratisation, and NAFIS programs; the guidebook engages with employment dynamics for UAE national job seekers.


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