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4 Artists that will Boost your Financial Prosperity and Growth

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The contemporary online art gallery is dedicated to modern equestrian art. Also, some of the gallery’s artists work with other animals, such as bulls, the symbol of financial growth and wealth.

Andrey Kazantsev is one of the most successful artists of last years, his amazing contemporary steel sculptures were exhibited at World Dubai Expo, and are in private collections in the USA, UAE, and Europe. Here are some examples of his polygonal steel sculptures.

They can be painted in any color or polished (platinum or gold). The sizes can be from small sculptures to monumental ones.

Edward Waites is a talented English sculptor, who works with classical forms. His bronze sculptures can be from small artworks for the table to huge original commission sculptures for the park, patio, or entrance of the building.

Edward’s sculptures feature in distinguished public, corporate and private collections around the world, including several royal collections. Notable commissions include those for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, the ruling family of Dubai, and Lord and Lady Bamford.

Initially inspired by the old master and “French Animalier”, french artist Marie Ackers has gone beyond realism and tradition to capture a contemporary interpretation of animals.

In her work, Marie deconstructs the movements, trips down to pure lines, simplifies the shapes, and identifies the dynamic and the rhythms of the lines to produce contemporary and distinctively elegant sculpture inextricably associated with but yet completely independent of reality.

Marie’s work can be found in various galleries in the UK and Europe and recently the Gold walking cheetah and the bronze polished sitting cheetah have been accepted in the “Salon des Artistes Francais 2021” in Paris.

Athena Jahantigh arrived in France after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Arts in Iran. She went on to study Arts and the Science of Art at the Panthéon University Sorbonne and obtained a Doctorate in Fine Arts. Despite the demands of her studies during that time, Athena continued to sculpt.

She now lives in the South of France where she is able to devote all her time to her passion as a professional sculptress. Her amazing contemporary sculptures were exhibited many times in France and at international art fairs in the USA, Japan, Australia, India, and Iran.

If you would love to see more art dedicated to horses and other animals, please check the website:

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