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How To Infuse Your Office With Success and Prosperity

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We spend a lot of time in the office during the day. That is why it is essential to create a harmonious environment that balances the energy flows and results in positive changes in your life. Interior objects and paintings can help us with this, but they need to be chosen wisely. One of the most powerful and effective talismans is a horse image.

Artist Rafael Lago

For many centuries, the horse has been a faithful companion of man, both in the household and in everyday life, as well as on the battlefield and in sporting events. The horse was depicted by early humans in ancient rock carvings and paintings, mentioned in Greek legends and myths, and was an important part of European and Oriental culture.

Artist Rafael Lago

The image of a horse is a universal symbol of strength and beauty, with a vigorous spirit and driving force in life. It has always been associated with a mixture of values such as intellect, prestige, elegance, and nobility. That’s why equestrian art can harmoniously fit into various spaces and interiors, bringing luck and prosperity.

The horse, as the embodiment of active Yang energy, represents speed, endurance, courage, perseverance, movement to the goal, as well as wisdom, intelligence, optimism, and joy of life in feng shui.

The image of a horse placed in your office will help you achieve success in business or in your career, improve reputation, gain respect and fame, overcome obstacles and difficult situations, and win over competitors. This strong and noble animal’s active energies will give impetus to affairs and undertakings, resulting in good results and financial success.

In Chinese culture, the “Eight Horses” motif has a special meaning for professional development—”Come and bring success”. Recognition, children, health, career, personal development, education, marriage, and happiness are the eight qualities that represent the eight life aspirations. Eight horse painting is used to attract recognition, fame, dynamism, victory, and advancement in your life and career.

Katerina Morgan’s Horse Polo Art Gallery is a new online art gallery dedicated to both traditional and contemporary equestrian art. The gallery collaborates with more than 30 artists from around the world and exhibits more than 300 ready-made art works realized in different styles and genres: fine art photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, wall paintings, and monumental art.  

Artist Rafael Lago

Some of them have already been integrated into both private and corporate collections across the globe, including several prestigious royal collections. We also collaborate with several artists who are eager to make a large number of pieces in a short period of time for commercial locations such as offices, hotels, restaurants etc.

Here in the paintings below you can see the recent works of one of the Gallery’s principal artists, Rafael Lago, a painter from Colombia, South America. Rafael is fascinated by horses’ ability to be man’s best friend and companion, as well as remain a symbol of freedom all at the same time.

Artist Rafael Lago

White horses have been mythologized since ancient times as possessing extraordinary properties, such as having wings (as in Greek mythology’s Pegasus) or horns (the unicorn). The white stallions and their riders consistently defeat evil and demonstrate the victorious nature of their cause. They represent stability and harmony, ensuring a steady and easy source of income. Galloping horses symbolize speed and success, while a couple of horses in the same painting embody a strong relationship and a successful partnership.

Curious about seeing more equestrian art? You can check out more artworks realized by Rafael Lago or discover different creations by various equestrian artists on!


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