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Petal Ads Provides the Travel Industry with Cutting-Edge Capabilities and Solutions for Targeting China’s Growing Outbound Travel and Tourism Market

Published by UAE Business

Petal Ads, a leading advertising platform by Huawei, participated in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2023 with great success. The 30th edition of the leading global event for the inbound and outbound travel industry in the Middle East was held in Dubai from 1 to 4 May, and Huawei showcased Petal Ads’ unrivaled capabilities and solutions for targeting China’s constantly expanding outbound travel and tourism market.

In alignment with the show’s ‘Working Towards Net Zero’ theme, ATM 2023 explored the future of sustainable travel. The milestone event provided attendees valuable insights, including novel travel trends, opportunities for growth, innovation, and effective recovery, and provided a platform for regional experts to discuss a sustainable future for the global travel and tourism industry.

With the World Travel and Tourism council predicting that mainland China will become the largest tourism market by 2032, the country’s tourism sector plays a critical role in addressing the sustainability challenge. According to McKinsey, tourism accounted for an estimated 6-8% of mainland China’s total carbon emissions in 2019. However, Chinese travelers today are concerned about climate change and are beginning to seek out sustainable alternatives. By making smarter decisions and taking advantage of travel provider incentives, travelers could reduce 10-20% of their environmental footprint on a typical trip.

In addition, as China has lifted its COVID-19 related travel restrictions in January 2023, Chinese travelers are returning to international skies. This year, outbound travel is forecast to recover two-thirds of 2019 levels, with around 110 million border crossings. Popular Middle Eastern destinations such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, which have been consistently marketed to Chinese outbound business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, should be in a strong position to benefit from this new wave of Chinese travelers. As a consequence, there is a pressing need in the region’s industry for a reliable way to effectively target China’s booming and evolving travel and tourism market.

During the four days of the event, Huawei demonstrated to travel, tourism, and hospitality executives, businesses in the travel industry, as well as marketers from more than 150 countries, that when it comes to targeting the Chinese market, Petal Ads has the lead. By utilizing big data analytics and next-generation capabilities, Huawei’s smart advertising platform delivers ads with pinpoint precision. Petal Ads provides access to a data management platform (DMP) that allows marketers to gain insights on specific audiences based on various indicators, including travel intent indicators to assist advertisers in effectively targeting audiences who are likely to be interested in travel-related products and services, and to use this information to inform marketing and advertising strategies.

However, given that cultural differences with China can have a significant impact on the performance of programmatic advertising, a solid understanding of the local culture for communicating relevant advertising messages to Chinese travelers is also crucial. Together with its cutting-edge features, Huawei’s Petal Ads is capable of overcoming cultural barriers and establishing meaningful connections with Chinese users due to the company’s unprecedented knowledge of the Chinese market and strong presence in the country.

William Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East and Africa Eco Development and Operation, stated: “ATM 2023 provided a fantastic opportunity for Petal Ads to demonstrate its sophisticated capabilities for the travel and tourism sector, and specifically in gaining insights and targeting niche audience like the outbound tourism market in China. Petal Ads remains committed in constantly updating the platform’s features in order to meet the demands of different markets and unlock new business opportunities. Our ads reach users at any time and anywhere, creating a smarter and more engaging era for mobile advertising. We will continue to employ the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and big data to revolutionize the way campaigns are planned.”

Along with the unique benefits Petal Ads offers the travel industry, Huawei also highlighted the most recent developments of its pioneering, results-driven programmatic advertising platform. Petal Ads goes beyond Huawei devices to cover consumers’ lives throughout the day with personalized ads across a wide range of connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and other IOT products (TBD), thereby solidifying Huawei’s position in the advertising industry.


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