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Regional Brands Set to Invest Over $200,000 in CX Tech Capabilities, Reveals CX Live Intelligence Report 2023

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 The highly anticipated 2023 Customer Experience Live Intelligence Report, launched during The Customer Experience Live Show Middle East, has unveiled key insights and priorities shaping the regional CX landscape. With a focus on harnessing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the report highlights the growing commitment of organizations in the region to strengthen their AI capabilities and CX infrastructure. Notably, 52% of companies are prepared to invest over $200,000 in advancing their CX tech capabilities this year.

The report reveals that 37% of companies are investing in AI to leverage its power in translating customer interactions into actionable insights, while 32% prioritize Workflow Automation to drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences. Furthermore, organizations are upgrading their customer experience tools, with 27% investing in Customer Relationship Platforms, 21% in Personalization Platforms, 21% in Contact Center Solutions, and 27% re-evaluating Customer Feedback Management tools to align with their CX strategies.

During the launch of the Customer Experience Live Intelligence Report 2023, Ayusha Tyagi, Managing Director of Customer Experience Live, emphasized the importance of technology solutions in gaining a deeper understanding of customers and achieving tangible return on investment (ROI) for brands and businesses.

Highlighting the significance of CX, Shanila Laiju, CEO of Medcare, stated, “Medcare is committed to delivering the best care and experience to its customers. CX is embedded in our culture and values, and we take pride in continually strengthening it.”

The 6th edition of the esteemed Customer Experience Live Show Middle East, held at The Address Hotel-Dubai Marina on May 23-24, 2023, solidified its position as the premier global event in the CX domain. Co-located with the inaugural editions of the CMO Show Middle East 2023 and Contact Center Show Middle East 2023, the event brought together CX leaders from regional and global contexts, providing an unmatched platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies, innovative business models, and customer-centric strategies to drive corporate performance and overcome industry challenges.

The event also recognized exceptional CX initiatives through the Customer Experience Live awards program. Esteemed organizations such as stc, Dubai Police, ACWA Power, Riyadh Airports, Saudi EXIM, ccc by stc, Medcare, Foulath Holding, Bank AlJazira, Saudia Cargo, Invita, and Raya CX were honored for their outstanding commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Mansour Al Dalaan, CEO of ccc by stc, expressed excitement about the digital transformation in CX and the organization’s dedication to designing futuristic solutions. Representatives from channels by stc also emphasized the pivotal role of customer experience in driving improvement, with customer satisfaction as the driving force behind their endeavors.

To download the report and learn more about Customer Experience Live, please visit:

Photo: Ayusha Tyagi ( 2nd from right) presenting the Customer Experience Live Award 


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