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V-Marine Unveils Rise 55: The Exceptional Houseboat Redefining Luxury Living on Water

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V-Marine, a leading name in the maritime industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated houseboat, Rise 55. This revolutionary watercraft combines an exquisite design, unparalleled interior decoration, and unmatched affordability, making it a game-changer in the market.

V-Marine is proud to share that the Rise 55 has already secured its first two sales, with the first one set to be delivered in Qatar this August, followed by the second sale in Kuwait.

The Rise 55 boasts an unparalleled blend of elegance and functionality, setting new standards for houseboat design. With its innovative architecture and sleek lines, this houseboat presents a stunning presence on the water, leaving admirers in awe. The thoughtfully crafted exterior offers a modern and dynamic appeal that captures attention wherever it sails.

What truly sets Rise 55 apart from its competitors is its interior decoration. V-Marine has collaborated with renowned Italian designers and decorators to curate an ambiance that redefines luxury living. The meticulous attention to detail and choice of premium materials create an environment that epitomizes opulence and sophistication. Every element, from the meticulously crafted furnishings to the handpicked decor pieces, has been carefully chosen to ensure an unforgettable experience for owners and guests alike.

One of the most outstanding features of Rise 55 is its spaciousness. V-Marine understands the importance of providing ample living space, and with Rise 55, they have reimagined the concept of habitable areas on a boat. This houseboat offers an exceptional yacht experience with significantly more room than traditional yachts, all while maintaining the same level of exquisite finishing. What truly captivates potential buyers is that V-Marine has managed to deliver this remarkable vessel at a fraction of the price of other luxury boats, revolutionizing the market and garnering widespread approval.

Speaking about the launch, Wael Joujou Ceo of V-Marine expressed their excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Rise 55, an extraordinary houseboat that sets a new benchmark in luxury living on the water. The combination of exceptional design, unmatched interior decoration, and affordability make this a truly unique offering. With Rise 55, we aim to provide our customers with an extraordinary yachting experience while also ensuring that it is accessible to a wider audience.”

With the first sale already confirmed for Qatar, scheduled for delivery in August, and the second sale secured in Kuwait, the Rise 55 is poised to make a resounding impact in the GCC market. Prospective buyers in the region are encouraged to contact V-Marine immediately to explore the exceptional opportunities that Rise 55 presents.

For more information about Rise 55 and to inquire about sales, please visit V-Marine’s website at


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