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“The Wellbeing Sanctuary” opens its doors in Dubai, UAE

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The Award winning mental health coach Sarmistha Mitra heads the Wellbeing Sanctuary


Dubai, 22nd February 2022 – The Wellbeing Sanctuary has recently opened in Dubai offering holistic therapy, including non-medicinal treatment methods that work on delivering optimal health, harmony and inner balance; the wellness center is centrally located in Safa 1, Jumeriah offering easy access and an array of holistic treatments.

The Wellbeing Sanctuary is the brainchild of the award wining mental health coach & wellness advisor Sarmistha Mitra who has successfully worked as a therapist for about 10 years; she is the founder of the cutting edge holistic treatment DecodeYou – A Roadmap to Individuation and Psychosomatic Anxiety Stress and Trauma (PAST) Release Program which treats trauma in the neurological level. 

 “I feel that being a healer was my destiny, I have always wanted to be a caregiver and for me personally the best part of healing is not only that the clients are benefiting from the sessions but for me what really strikes a chord is that I see a bit of myself in every one of my clients. During the sessions, I find myself in a metaposition, where it feels like I am in a garden and I am picking up pebbles, these represent parts of myself that I had lost along the way and I keep finding myself as I heal others. Mindful living is the key to Individuation; after 33 years of ‘sadhana’, I have gained certain mastery to tap into the subconscious mind and sense the root cause of the problem in just few minutes into the session with a client. DecodeYou –is a roadmap for a balanced and harmonious life. It’s a program that is truly effective, since it taps into our own consciousness to offer solutions. I encourage everyone that feels an imbalance in any aspect of their lives to visit us, we have something for everyone” says Sarmistha Mitra – the Director of The Wellbeing Sanctuary 

The moment you step into The Wellbeing Sanctuary you will be welcomed with unconditional love. The positive energy of the center will energize you. At the center, everyone who visits is served the ‘alive water’ (9.5 Ph and full of antioxidants). Trained and certified Holistic health coaches conduct all the sessions. There is a huge range of treatments available at the centre, such as solutions for eating disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorder, stress management, anger management, weight management and more.

About The Wellbeing Sanctuary:

The Wellbeing Sanctuary provides solutions by taking into account physical, mental, emotional, and genetic (ancestral), environmental, and social factors. Since total health also includes spiritual health, the practitioners encourage individuals to pursue their personal spiritual path. It strives to help the individual find balance and harmony. 


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