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Ziina, the Dubai-based, YC-backed fintech start-up on a mission to bring money online for consumers in the Middle East, continues to bring innovation to the world of payments. Its latest invention: a payments keyboard – the first of its kind in the digital wallets space, and for which Ziina has filed a patent.

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Controlling business expenses is one of the biggest headaches faced by CFO’s across different industries in the MENA region. Larger corporations usually have a basic expense management software but it is very reactive, and the controls and verifications happen only after an expense is made.  This puts organizations at a risk of a drawn out […]

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Mashreq, one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates, has taken a stake in NymCard, the only Banking-as-a-Service provider in the Middle East, to help grow the booming FinTech ecosystem in the UAE and support the next generation of innovators. This investment is part of a FinTech fund that Mashreq has created […]

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