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Sustainable Luxury: Genesis Planners Garners Accolades for Two Outstanding Projects

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Genesis Planners Pvt. Ltd., an architectural firm renowned for its innovative design solutions and visionary approach to architecture and urban planning, proudly announces its double victory at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2023.

The company received recognition in two distinct categories: Best Luxury Commercial Property Architecture for their outstanding work on Aparna Technopolis and Best Luxury High Rise Architecture for the awe-inspiring Jayabheri The Peak. These awards underline Genesis Planners’ devotion to redefining luxury living through ingenious design and sustainability.

Jayabheri The Peak: Showcasing Luxury and Sustainability

Jayabheri The Peak emerges as a truly remarkable residential project that sets new standards in luxury living. Spanning across a sprawling 3-acre expanse in Hyderabad, India, this project seamlessly combines opulence with environmental consciousness. Notable features that set this project apart include:

IGBC Platinum Certification: Jayabheri The Peak is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices, as evidenced by its IGBC Platinum certification.

Architectural Marvel: The project ingeniously interconnects two towering blocks, each spanning an impressive 29 floors, with two flats on each floor. Tower 1 is an exquisite luxury building, thoughtfully designed to blend opulence with functionality. It boasts an extensive array of amenities meticulously crafted not only for their aesthetic appeal but also with careful consideration for promoting the mental health and overall well-being of its discerning occupants.

Pinnacle of Exclusivity: The third tower block dedicates each floor to a single flat, offering an unprecedented level of privacy and luxury to its occupants, elevating the project’s status as a beacon of luxury living.

Sustainability at the Core:

Green Certified building: IGBC Certified Platinum underscores the commitment of Jayabheri The Peak to environmental standards, including energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable site development, while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Energy Efficiency: Innovative design elements maximize natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, reducing energy consumption.

Daylighting: Large fenestrations and column-free spaces promote daylighting, reducing energy consumption and improving indoor comfort.

Sustainable Site Development: Thoughtful site orientation, landscaping, and open spaces enhance biodiversity and contribute to a healthier local ecosystem.

Water Conservation: Water-efficient fixtures and rainwater harvesting systems minimize water wastage.

Material Selection: Sustainable materials and locally sourced options reduce the project’s environmental impact.

Indoor Air Quality: Low-VOC materials contribute to healthier indoor air quality for residents.

Aparna Technopolis: A Fusion of Innovation and Sustainability

Aparna Technopolis, a commercial project in Hyderabad, India, distinguishes itself with ingenious design elements, offering adaptable spaces and sustainability. Highlights include:

Shading Devices and Green Decks: The architectural skin on the western and southern facades minimizes heat gain, reducing the need for excessive cooling.

Passive Cooling: The second skin aids in passive cooling, decreasing the reliance on artificial cooling systems.

Daylight Penetration: Articulated facades and glazing maximize daylight penetration, reducing the need for artificial lighting and enhancing occupants’ well-being.

Sustainable Design Practices: Sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting, and eco-friendly construction practices reduce the project’s environmental footprint.

Flexible Planning for Energy Efficiency: Adaptable spaces enable efficient space utilization, optimizing HVAC systems and improving energy efficiency.

Green Spaces: The inclusion of green decks and greenery contributes to improved air quality and aesthetics.

“Thank you to the LLA team for selecting our company as a winner of 2 awards! We’ve put so much hard work and thought into both these projects, and we feel very honored and blessed to be recognized for them both”, says Mrs. Asha Chandra Shekar – Company Director.

Genesis Planners Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a technology-driven architectural firm with a strong commitment to sustainability, harnessing global partnerships and advanced technology to craft functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces in harmony with nature and culture.

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