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Seeley International celebrates 50 years of world-leading climate control solutions

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Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning and heating manufacturer and global leader renowned for over-the-horizon, energy efficient cooling and heating products, is celebrating its golden jubilee in 2022 – 50 years of world-leading climate control solutions. 

The Seeley family business has grown from humble beginnings into Australia’s largest air conditioning and heating manufacturer and a global  leader in the HVAC manufacturing industry, developing premium quality evaporative cooling systems. 

In more recent times, its long and amazing track record has equipped it with the expertise, infrastructure and resources to seamlessly deliver  large scale HVAC mega-projects around the world; the 50,000 Breezair evaporative coolers installation in Mina Tent City (Saudi Arabia) to cool  Hajj pilgrims’ tents, just to name one. 

Having its global headquarters in Australia, over 500 employees and three manufacturing facilities, Seeley International exports to more than  100 countries around the world through its global distributor network. With its own sales offices in the USA, UK, France, Italy and South Africa,  the company has delivered millions of installations around the globe. 

Seeley International has a large R&D investment, focused on energy efficiency, emissions reduction, peak demand reduction, improved health  and biological control, as well as extreme climate performance capability. 

When asked about this important milestone, Frank Seeley, Founder and Executive Chairman, said: 

“2022 is an exciting year for us, because it marks 50 years of Seeley International – a golden anniversary that is immensely gratifying!”  

“Our values have stayed true for more than five decades and continue to underpin who we are, what we do and how we do it. Without the loyalty  and commitment of our workforce, customer networks and trusted suppliers, our many successes simply could not have been achieved. I, Kathy  and Jon Seeley thank all of you who have been with us during this exciting journey.” 

Group Managing Director, Jon Seeley, said:  

“We have a key role to play in national and global emissions reduction, since conventional air conditioning is a major contributor to energy  demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Our highly innovative products can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, whilst also delivering  increased ventilation which is so important for health and wellbeing.” 

“Increasingly, we are seeing the convergence of sustainability and health, with the growing challenge of providing better ventilation and more efficient delivery of fresh, outside air. This is something that Seeley International’s technologies have been delivering on, for decades.” 

“As we look forward to the next 50 years of success in business, our commitment remains strong and our enduring values will ensure we deliver  next-generation solutions that go above and beyond customer expectations. Together with our customers, suppliers and staff, our success will  continue to create employment, generate prosperity and showcase home-grown innovation at its finest.” 

Seeley International’s vision is to lead the world in creating climate control solutions which are highly innovative, of premium quality and  inspirational in their delivery of energy-efficiency.  


  • Operating since 1972 
  • Head office in Lonsdale, South Australia 
  • Manufacturing operations in Lonsdale (South Australia), Albury (New South Wales) and Denver (Colorado) More than 500 staff around the world 
  • Australian sales offices in SA, VIC, NSW, QLD and WA; and international sales offices in the USA, UK, Italy, France and South Africa More than 300 patents
  • Exports to more than 100 countries 
  • Family-owned business 
  • Seeley International is a certified quality endorsed company. 

The next 50 years 

Seeley International remains committed to: 

  • Australian designed, made and owned products 
  • World-leading climate control solutions 
  • Enduring and increasing relevance in an ever-changing world 

We will continue to innovate, remain focused on the environment and sustainability and maintain our high level of integrity in partnership with  our customers, staff and suppliers, all “for the greater good”.  

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