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RIT Dubai and Stallion AI collaborate to award Artificial Intelligence Citizenship

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New initiative to prepare future workforce for careers in the AI economy

1 November 2021, Dubai, UAE: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai and Stallion AI have joined forces to launch a new initiative that will enable students of all disciplines to become Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Citizens. The program, known as 365 Digital AI Citizenship, will provide participants with a custom-made learning plan, along with access to an exclusive global community of experts, to help them explore their future career path in the AI economy. 

The launch of the program comes as 86% of employers report that artificial intelligence is already mainstream technology in their day-to-day business operations. As AI increasingly pervades across industries and professions, its ability to transform productivity is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. 

Explaining the importance of the initiative Samer Obeidat, CEO of Stallion AI, said, “All future jobs will involve AI in some form, so everyone needs some understanding of the field. The biggest barrier to optimising the technology is the lack of knowledge and skills, so introducing young people to AI through this Citizenship program will ensure that they are highly sought after employees of the future, with the ability to both utilise and enhance AI functions in the workplace.”

The 365 Digital AI Citizenship program will be open to all RIT Dubai students as part of the curriculum of study. Following an initial knowledge and needs assessment, students will undertake the AI Citizenship Course, which provides all the essential knowledge to operate in an AI environment. Successful completion of the course will lead to the award of AI Citizen status, certified by the Stallion AI Institute and RIT Dubai. 

Participants of the program will also have access to AIQOM platform, a unique global digital ecosystem with four virtual hubs. The AI Academy provides a multi-lingual platform of programs and courses, while AI Nation offers access to an international network of AI professionals and students. The Virtual AI Lab is the world’s first multi-lingual Lab of its kind that enables everyone to explore AI to help solve real-world problems. The AI Marketplace offers a decentralized open AI market for developers and non-technical AI users to explore, publish and monetize digital data and AI assets.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf, President of RIT Dubai, said, “This is an exciting collaboration that supports our commitment to go beyond traditional university education to prepare RIT Dubai students for the world of opportunities that awaits. Artificial intelligence is an increasingly critical component of the global economy and, as Certified AI Citizens, our graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to play a leading role in this future-defining technology.”

On behalf of Stallion AI, Mr. Obeidat, added, “Within the next couple of years, we will see a transition to a new society and economy in which machine intelligence is creating wealth and dominating the job markets. As an active artificial intelligence citizen, you are expected to know how to function in the future AI nation, and to navigate a digital world, with its different nature of work, economic landscape, and lifestyle, and this is what the program will help students to achieve.”


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