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Property Developer Ken Sharpe Sets Ambitious Course for Zimbabwe’s Real Estate Landscape

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Ken Sharpe, a pioneering force in the realm of property development, has embarked on a monumental journey with his brainchild, West Properties.

With unwavering determination and a grand vision, Sharpe and his company are poised to lay the foundation for a transformed Zimbabwean real estate landscape, committing billions of dollars and boundless innovation to the cause.

In a declaration of intent, Ken Sharpe unveiled West Property’s audacious plan to lay one billion bricks by the year 2050, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the nation’s progress.

A firm believer in the transformative power of bricks and mortar, Sharpe envisions these billion bricks as the building blocks of a brighter future, symbolising hope, growth, and prosperity for Zimbabwe.

He confidently stated, “West Property has a vision of laying one billion bricks by 2050 and has projected its initial investment to be worth US$5 billion with estimation that the value will grow to between US$15 and US$30 billion in the next 28 years when the current projects are completed.”

Underpinning this audacious goal is West Property’s initial investment of US$5 billion, a staggering sum that speaks volumes about the company’s determination to reshape the nation’s real estate canvas.

This infusion of capital is set to catalyse the creation of a portfolio of projects that promises to redefine luxury living, community dynamics, and economic growth within Zimbabwe.

Sharpe offered insight into this ambitious journey, saying, “We have a 28-year-old vision premised on hope for a better Zimbabwe.”

The promising trajectory of West Property’s monumental endeavour is illuminated by the rejuvenation of Harare’s illustrious Hills Golf Estate.

A captivating narrative of transformation unfolds as West Property resuscitates the US$280 million estate, signalling a powerful resurgence of grandeur and opulence.

West Property is poised to breathe new life into the estate, instating the iconic Hills Golf Estate as a symbol of contemporary elegance and sophistication.

The canvas of the Hills Golf Estate will be adorned with an array of captivating features, including a distinguished luxury five-star hotel bearing the West Property insignia.

The harmonious blend of opulence and sport is epitomized by a PGA standard golf course, complemented by branded swimming and tennis academies.

Additionally, luxury apartments and townhouses bearing the West Property hallmark are set to grace the landscape, epitomizing the fusion of aesthetics and comfort.

“We are not only helping you build a home. We are introducing you into a lifestyle. The value of your property is guaranteed to grow with each brick we put into the ground on all our developments,” he passionately conveyed.

With West Property as the vessel, his grandiose vision is set to pave the way for a Zimbabwe that transcends its present and embraces a future steeped in promise, progress, and boundless potential.

By Kudzai Mukuku 


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