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PlanRadar introduces Document Management System to streamline construction project efficiency

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The intuitive new feature is set to revamp project record keeping 

PlanRadar, one of Europe’s leading digital construction, real estate and facilities management platforms, has enhanced its comprehensive suite of digital management tools with a new document management function.   

The intuitive Document Management feature has been specifically designed in response to calls from existing PlanRadar subscribers for an easy-to-use, intuitive and streamlined way to collate and manage data between the in-field and back-office teams. It answers the call by offering a painless way to track, plan and document approvals to make it easier to maintain a tamper-proof audit trail and a clear picture of all sign-offs during projects.  Complementing the wider PlanRadar platform, the new feature improves document organisation, versioning and collaboration, combining plans and documents into the same approval flow. Users can digitally store all project data in easy-access folders, mark up plans, share feedback and approvals on up-to-date documents and compare file revisions in real-time. 

Consultancy-me’s report indicates that the Middle East is the most difficult region for construction project completion, with an average delay of 22.5 months, or 83% of the total schedule duration. The report also revealed that the average amount in dispute was $154 million, which represents over one-third of the total project expenditure. To overcome these challenges and improve project efficiency, adopting a robust document management system is essential. PlanRadar’s solution can help to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and yield better outcomes. 

The improved functionality achieved by incorporating Document Management means files and records can be accessed and shared effortlessly, helping users save time. Crucially, it offers centralised document management where everything is stored in a simple-to-search database for construction and real estate projects. Project teams can guarantee vital documents are safe, secure and easy to find on request, supporting compliance-related activities.  

Acknowledging the constant evolution of software systems, the Document Management feature has also been developed with interoperability in mind. PlanRadar has created this feature to stand alone as its own document storage and management solution – purpose-built for construction and real estate professionals – or to integrate with other software customers already use. Documents from Sharepoint, Dropbox and Google Drive can be uploaded directly into PlanRadar, no-code integrations allow automatic document sharing with other software systems and an easy-to-use interface keeps onboarding fast and simple.   

Ibrahim Imam, Co-founder & Group Co-CEO at PlanRadar said: “In a highly regulated world where access to correct and comprehensive information is non-negotiable, our Document Management feature supports day-to-day accurate data management so that more time can be freed up for high-value tasks, increasing efficiency, limiting errors and achieving better results. Importantly, it simplifies workflows, ensuring there are no gaps in record management, and encourages seamless collaboration to empower project teams to build with certainty and clarity.” 

Ultimately, PlanRadar’s new feature will minimise costly mistakes with all documents, changes and approvals tracked in one place, reducing potential risk and rework while maintaining complete documentation for claims protection and preventing extra costs to the project.

“We are continuously working to expand our platform’s capabilities, developing new features and services in line with our customers’ requirements. We listen to them and never innovate for innovation’s sake. For example, we recently rolled out the QR code functionality within our product to address customer needs and make their lives easier when conducting fire safety inspections. Many of our customers have flagged an increasing headache around compliance, particularly around asset information management. This latest innovation helps provide greater transparency by ironing out any creases in project workflows,” added Ibrahim

Clemens Hammerl, Chief Product Officer at PlanRadar commented: “While simple, document management can become a real headache with so many moving parts and different people involved. This upgrade looks to change this by establishing a single source of truth and ensuring clear oversight on projects, particularly useful in the UK, where realising a ‘Golden Thread’ of information has become a key aim for the construction industry. ” 

“In an increasingly digital industry, we want to make online platforms the norm and ensure they are practical. Ease-of-use is front of mind for us, and we understand the challenges our customers face. The feature’s core role is to ease the data collation and compliance burden with minimal disruption to existing software, hardware and project schedules. Building on PlanRadar’s broad portfolio of digital solutions, Document Management ensures all project information is instantly accessible to project teams, updatable in real-time to achieve streamlined workflows,” added Clemens.

To find out more about PlanRadar’s new Document Management function, please visit: 


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