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Paramount Group Recognised As Top Employer For Third Consecutive Year

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Aerospace and Technology Company Awarded 2022 Top Employers Institute Accolade For Setting Exemplary Standards In People Practices

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 15th, 2022 – The Top Employers Institute has announced its Top Employers around the world in 2022 and for the third consecutive year, the global aerospace and technology company, Paramount Group, has been recognised as a Top Employer in the South African marketplace.

The Top Employers Institute, the global authority on promoting and recognising excellence in ‘People Practices’, certifies organisations based on the participation and results of their HR Best Practices Survey. The survey covers six HR domains consisting of 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and more.

Being certified as a Top Employer showcases an organisation’s dedication to a better world of work through the provision of world-class HR policies and ‘people practices’. Despite continued social distancing, phased in and out periodic lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, Paramount Group is pleased to have not only maintained but expanded upon its commitment to its employees and workplace practices.

Steve Griessel, Group CEO of Paramount Group, stated that, “No one could have predicted that 2020 would bring about one of the greatest socio-economic challenges in world history, one that perpetuates to this day. Without the fortitude and enthusiasm of our employees and our company’s leadership who mitigated COVID-19’s economic impact on our workers, we would not be able to exemplify best-in-class ‘People Practices”.

The Top Employer Institute commended Paramount Group for its commitment to providing new and exciting opportunities in high-skills training, and its dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) oriented hiring processes, while offering top industry leadership development for talent across diverse fields such as engineering, ICT, manufacturing, logistics and and marketing.

Top Employers Institute CEO David Plink stated that, “Reflecting on the demanding year that has, like the year before it, impacted organisations across the world, Paramount Group has continued to show that it prioritises excellent people practices in the workplace. They continue to meet the challenges of the changing world of work while working tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of their workforce. We are pleased to celebrate and applaud the organisations that have been certified as Top Employers in their respective countries this year.”

Martie Baumgardt, Group HR Director of Paramount Group stated: “We are extremely humbled and proud for being certified as a top employer for the third consecutive year. Paramount’s unique culture is designed to inspire and facilitate creativity, innovation and the art of the possible. For this reason we  continue to attract and retain the best talent. We have the most incredible people who bring their passion and energy to create ingenious solutions for our customers.  In return, our commitment to our people, and as a Top Employer, is to continue to create a dynamic working environment that values and empowers our people.”

From its inception, the Top Employer programme has certified and recognised more than 1,857 Top Employers in 123 countries/regions across five continents.

About Paramount Group

Paramount Group is a global aerospace and technology company, a leader in defence and security innovation and is a trusted partner to sovereign governments around the world, providing ground-breaking products, services and consultancy, including support for peacekeeping missions. Please visit for more information and follow us on Twitter.

About Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in People Practices. We help accelerate these practices to enrich the world of work. Through the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme, participating companies can be validated, certified and recognised as an employer of choice. Established over 30 years ago, Top Employers Institute has certified over 1,857 organisations in 123 countries/regions. These certified Top Employers positively impact the lives of over 8 million employees globally. Top Employers Institute. For a better world of work.


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