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Mobile app trends 2022: A global benchmark of app performance

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2021 was a truly transformative year for the mobile app industry. In light of multiple lockdowns as well as wholesale privacy changes affecting user acquisition on iOS, consumer habits and user behavior patterns have undergone immense change and impressive growth. But how have these challenges affected the app marketing ecosystem?

Mobile app trends 2022 provides expert industry analysis on the global and regional developments of the mobile marketing economy over the past year. Using data from the top 2,500 apps, the report sheds light on top trends and benchmarks across fintech, e-commerce, and gaming verticals, equipping advertisers with actionable insights to drive app growth in 2022.

Download the Mobile app trends 2022 report from Adjust.

The report analyzes trends in installs, sessions, ATT opt-in rates, retention, re-attribution, and more to help you better understand your audience and the current state of the app economy. Adjust’s report reveals impressive growth across key metrics, showing that highly engaged users are coming in droves. Along with massive improvements, the analysis also shines a spotlight on a somewhat lagging retention performance, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that the same attention is paid to retention and LTV as it is to UA.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Installs grew year-on-year in 2021 in all verticals and regions tracked, with fintech up by 35%, e-commerce by 12%, and gaming by 32%. 
  • Stock trading and crypto apps grew significantly and have highly engaged user bases. While they make up 7% and 2% of all fintech app installs, respectively, they account for 17% and 6% of sessions. 
  • Hyper casual games make up the highest share of installs within the gaming vertical (27%), but it’s action that accounts for the largest proportion of sessions (30%). 
  • Marketplace apps have significantly better retention rates than the averages for the rest of the e-commerce vertical (day 1 27% vs. 19% and day 30 10% vs. 7).

For a complete analysis into the app marketing industry, download Mobile app trends 2022: A global benchmark of app performance.


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