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MERED announces strategic partnership with Pininfarina to develop ICONIC Tower in Dubai

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MERED, a prominent international real estate developer, has officially announced its strategic collaboration with the globally renowned Pininfarina, an illustrious name in architectural design. This partnership will shape the future of Dubai’s skyline with the development of MERED’s flagship project “ICONIC Tower,” a symbol of ultra-luxury living in the heart of the city.

The ICONIC Tower, soaring to a height of 286.4 meters is poised to be the tallest building in Dubai Internet City, embodies the fusion of MERED’s innovative real estate approach with Pininfarina’s legendary design ethos. The ultra-luxurious tower aims to redefine living standards in Dubai, offering 311 exclusive apartments. World-class amenities spread across the building include a private lounge & dining room, an equipped gym, a private cinema, an infinity pool overlooking the sea, lounges & outdoor terraces, a jacuzzi, a sauna and much more. The tower will feature 423 dedicated parking spaces, including a limited number of exclusive, air-conditioned ones. Together, MERED and Pininfarina will harmoniously blend technology and beauty to create a breathtaking tower that will positively impact the growing cosmopolitan hub of Dubai.

Pininfarina, with its origins in the automotive world dating back to 1930 and collaborations with legendary car brands, including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and more, has evolved into a sought-after architecture and lifestyle design house. Known as the global standard-bearer of architecture and Italian design aesthetics, Pininfarina is esteemed for creating timeless designs that embody the essence of technology and beauty. Its architectural portfolio includes award-winning projects in Brazil and elegant and innovative developments in Spain, Singapore, the United States and other places. The brand brings unparalleled expertise to this project, promising to deliver a development based on its values of purity, elegance and innovation.

Diana Nilipovscaia, CEO at MERED, commented on the collaboration: “The partnership with Pininfarina is a milestone in our journey to elevate the real estate landscape in the country. Pininfarina’s exceptional 90-year heritage in Italian design and worldwide architectural experience complements our vision for the ICONIC Tower, ensuring that it will not just be a residential development but a landmark that embodies elegance, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology”.

Dubai’s real estate market continues to show remarkable growth, particularly in the ultra-luxury sector. In the third quarter of 2023, the sector achieved impressive sales of individual properties, amounting to as high as $420 million. A recent market analysis revealed that this is the city’s 11th consecutive quarterly rise in residential property values. H1 of 2023 saw 176 homes sold for $845 million, which underscores the increasing demand for high-value, luxury real estate in Dubai, making projects like the ICONIC Tower particularly significant.

Giovanni de Niederhausern, Senior Vice President, Architecture, Pininfarina affirmed: “We believe that a contemporary vision of luxury should result in a new bond between beauty and wellbeing. Merging Italian design with the vibrant lifestyle of Dubai, ICONIC developed by MERED avoids pointless excess, investing in high quality while enhancing a timeless appeal that speaks to a more sophisticated understanding of style”.

Building on its vision, MERED is committed to bringing together a team of expert real estate professionals from around the world, dedicated to creating exceptional lifestyles that enrich and enhance customers’ lives, while remaining relevant for today and tomorrow. MERED’s extensive experience in shaping cities and improving people’s lives, coupled with its strong tech infrastructure, cutting-edge management systems, and highest building standards, positions the company as a benchmark for quality building and management.

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