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Italian giants, entrepreneur Mario Colabufo and billionaire Gianluca Vacchi, launch $ELITE, the official token of the Telco Elimobile

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March 2022, Dubai – Set out to blend the potentials of blockchain, mobile  communications and social media into an integrated community experience, global Telco  Elimobile will be showcasing their roadmap for their upcoming utility token $ELITE ahead  of their priority staking access in Dubai.  

At an exclusive event series, kicking off with the $ELITE Crypto Whales Meeting on March  4th in Dubai, a limited number of interested investors will gain insights on the roadmap. At  the magnificent Burj Al Arab, they will have the chance to meet the team and learn more  about $ELITE.  

The $ELITE initiative was brought to life by-Milan based entrepreneur and growth hacker,  Mario Colabufo, CEO of Elimobile: the first and only telco to use blockchain technology founded by Mario Colabufo himself and by the millionaire entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi.  The $ELITE token is its official utility token based on Polygon chain with Erc20 and  Binance bridges with a total supply of four point four billion. 

Mario Colabufo, CEO of Elimobile

Mario Colabufo, CEO of Elimobile

During the event of March 4th, the small group of investors has the opportunity to access  the staking program in advance, which provides annual rewards equal to 20%. An  exclusive privilege with a minimum entry of 1M dollars that will guarantee the Elite token  solidity into its liquidity pools. 

The staking program will open to the public – with no minimum entry fee – by the end of  March and will guarantee 20% annual interest with a subdivision of 1.66% monthly and  release of the capital at the end of the staking period. 

Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi

“Mobile phones, social media, and blockchain have all had an impact on our daily lives  and are considered a few of the best inventions. The $ELITE token project aims to bridge  past, present and future in a cohesive set of services and benefits – so Dubai with its  impressive history and outstanding innovation track record is the ideal destination to  share our story,” says Mario Colabufo. 

The team behind the project is convinced that it’s time for blockchain to become an  integral part of the fundamental structure of mobile communications, and Eli Mobile is  poised to realise that. Being used by Elimobile as a telco and a social platform NFT,  $ELITE has also signed various collaborations and is becoming the official token of both  Play to Earn and Metaverses. Ambassadors of the initiative are some of the world’s most  prominent personalities, including Italian social media sensation Gianluca Vacchi , the billionaire Flavio Briatore, the soccer legend Alex Del Piero and further celebrities from  the music and sports sectors, such the actor Salvatore Esposito from Gomorra who will be present – with many more ambassadors – at the event in Dubai.  

About $ELITE 

$ELITE is the ultimate blend of telco and blockchain technology. By building a completely  immersive environment that combines telecom (Eli Mobile), influencers, NFT world, and  play to earn games, it reflects the history, present, and future of three of the most  fundamental innovations. 

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