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IFS will show how its software can help the energy sector at ADIPEC

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IFS, a global enterprise software company specializing in cloud-based solutions, will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2022. At the event, IFS will unveil its latest innovations and show how its software can help energy companies optimize their assets and manage their projects more effectively on a global scale. This is especially important as energy companies look to diversify their operations in the face of challenges.

“Embracing the use of technology to inform and support decision-making enables organizations to achieve operational excellence. IFS software supports all the business-critical processes that facilitate an energy organization to digitally transform its operations across different assets to deliver business value in an evolving market. ADIPEC is a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities to this very vibrant sector,” said, Mehmood Khan, managing director for the Middle East and North Africa at IFS.  

IFS has been supporting customers such as BW Energy, Borr Drilling, SBM Offshore, ARO Drilling, Kodiak Gas Services, and many other O&G customers across the globe to accelerate digital transformation and sustain growth. These solutions support mission-critical business processes including enterprise asset management (EAM), maintenance, onshore-offshore data replication, supply chain management, human capital management, financials, document management, etc, which simplifies work processes and offers higher efficiency and project profitability. Additionally, IFS Cloud enhances cross-functional business operations that help customers receive a clear view of all assets and enhance customer engagement, enabling AI-powered self-service and the use of AI-powered scheduling. 

IFS recently conducted a survey of over 600 senior decision-makers in the UK, North America, the Nordics, the Middle East, Japan, Australia, and France. The survey highlighted that there is a strong demand for emerging, innovative technologies across the energy sector. One of the main findings from the research is that in the energy and utility sectors, companies want to use enterprise software systems such as enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and mobile workforce management (MWM) to achieve tighter integration and collaboration across different functions. 

Respondents from the Energy and O&G sectors also say that all emerging innovative technologies are important to their digital transformation strategy.  Almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents from the Energy, and O&G sectors said augmented reality is important for their digital transformation strategy, whereas just over 3 in 5 (62%) respondents from the Utility sector said the same. IFS works closely with the Energy, and O&G sectors to understand and provide solutions that help in driving operational efficiencies. 

IFS will be represented by a team of experts to meet attendees, customers, and prospects and will be demonstrating the company’s solutions at Hall 14 at ADIPEC. 


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