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Four Seasons invites guests to embrace wellbeing with collection of transformational travel experiences

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From introspective solo meditations to group excursions, travellers are encouraged to reconnect with their inner selves and those around them through series of immersive wellness activities 

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has unveiled a series of transformational experiences designed to help guests uncover the healing powers of travel. The luxury hospitality brand has carefully curated a collection of activities for guests with a passion for wellness at some of its best-loved Hotels and Resorts across the region and beyond.

Whether reconnecting with the inner self through a reflective meditation retreat, becoming one with nature while exploring the great outdoors, or restoring the soul by spending time with loved ones, Four Seasons properties across the globe offer endless possibilities for those seeking transformational travel experiences.

Embrace the Therapeutic Power of Nature 

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt:  Travellers can immerse themselves in world-class diving experiences at the recently refurbished Resort with a dedicated training pool and classroom, where aspiring divers can earn a certification to explore the world’s warmest sea’s fascinating reef systems, beautiful coral gardens, historic WWII shipwrecks, and more. 

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi:  Uncover an oasis of green, flanked by precipitous rainforest, on The Jalan Jalan Resort Nature Tour. Discover the lush botanical gardens that surround the Resort and learn about the exotic plants and flowers that thrive there. Greet tropical wildlife including hornbills and monitor lizards, plus an abundance of vibrantly coloured birds, all within the grounds of the Resort.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza:  Glide through the world’s longest river on a Felucca, a traditional ancient Egyptian wooden sailing boat, and be transported back thousands of years. Embrace the calming breeze and serene sounds of the river, taking a moment to appreciate the majesty of mother nature. Exquisite colours light up the sky at dusk for an unforgettable escape against the backdrop of some of Cairo’s most remarkable landmarks, offering a chance to reflect peacefully over gentle waters.

Culinary Offerings That Feed the Body and Soul 

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris:  Collect seasonal vegetables straight from the garden with Michelin-starred Chef Simone Zanoni, whose choice of ingredients is strongly influenced by his environmental commitment to offering guests a green and ethical approach to gastronomy. Enjoy a ride to the Domaine de Madame Elisabeth in Versailles, home to the Kitchen Garden of Le George, in the Chef’s electric Porsche Panamera Turbo S Hybrid. Pick seasonal fruits and vegetables to be used during a guided cooking lesson.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at OtemachiRecently awarded a Michelin star, est restaurant applies a ‘root to shoot’ approach to its menu and serves innovative French cuisine. Chef Guillaume and his team take locality, seasonality, carbon emissions, and versatility into consideration. The restaurant sources 95 percent of ingredients from within the country, finds multiple uses for each ingredient, reimagines staples, diligently audits food wastage, and adjusts portion sizes so guests can enjoy the added satisfaction of knowing each meal is good for the planet.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach:  A pioneer of plant-based cuisine, Chef Matthew Kenney has unearthed a menu of gems at Folia, expanding on the garden-style restaurant’s existing delicacies that show healthy eating does not mean compromising on pleasure. Created to inspire Dubai and the world to eat well, the new menu features some of Chef Kenney’s most vibrant and exciting dishes, including Tie Dye Pizza, Watermelon Poke, and Chocolate Orange Tart. 

Restorative Experiences to Reconnect with the Self 

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah BeachAimed to jostle every molecule of being with tremendous energy, the Meditation in Colour experience begins with The Pearl Spa and Wellness signature meditation. Participants will find a profound awareness as if in a wakeful sleep and feel immense clarity of thought. The meditation guide will deliver soothing messages and visualizations that reinforce creative confidence. Suitably refreshed and energy boosted, guests will then be guided to their canvases to begin their We Love Art painting experience.  

Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel:  Participants of the Mindfulness and Wellbeing program have the unique opportunity to learn from French freediving world champions Arthur Guérin-Boeri and Thomas Bouchard, who bring their longstanding experience and expertise to the program, with gentle relaxation techniques designed to calm and control the breath, harmonising the body and mind. Guests are invited to cultivate their creative side with a range of hands-on activities, such as pottery workshops and flower arranging courses, designed to help reconnect with the self and the natural world.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches IslandUnlock new waves of connection in the Love Immersion Workshop while surrounded by nature and the sound of ocean waves at the Circle of Connection Spa. The session, led by the Resort’s Health and Wellness Expert, is designed to provide couples with a moment to focus on each other and their journey together through eye-gazing, self-expression, stretches and breathing exercises. Group sessions for friends and family are also available. 

Visit @fourseasons and #FSWandermust for more travel inspiration and reconnect with the world today by booking a healing travel experience via or Four Seasons App and Chat.


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