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Collage was founded in 2003 in Bahrain and was initially started with a competitive project that led them to its success today. The dynamic team at Collage creates luxurious living environments with impeccable quality in mind. They strive towards innovation in their design work, and they believe in excellent quality both in client dealing and design. Collage has developed a world-class reputation and their projects are highly appreciated for their innovative and artistic design solutions. It comes as no surprise that Collage has been recognized by the industry experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and has been awarded for Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for Dhahran Expo Center (South Wing) in AL-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Its strength as a company lies in its passion for functional yet creative design forms and spaces. This dynamic design and architecture company has evolved into a classic regional style for their domestic projects, and they stick to a more contemporary design style for their commercial projects. The firm contributes design forms that assist in improving the quality of a built environment as well as the contribution to the well-being of all users, whether they are direct or indirect. The team strongly believes in the strength of their design work and is the purveyors of the highly intricate amalgamation of specialized execution with the best quality materials.

For their award-winning project, Dhahran Expo Center (South Wing) Collage created a commercial space fit for royalty. The interior encapsulates modern living with a contemporary, classic style. The spaces are kept immensely neat, crisp, clean, and simple with clear fine lines seen in artwork and the incorporation of different shapes that complement each such as hexagonal side tables and round couches. The color theme is neutral with charcoal, nudes, wood, and white amenities adorning the space. The lighting in each room is impressive with each feature wall lit up to highlight the patterned walls and each ceiling light is designed to fit in with the modern theme, creating light, open spaces. The team seamlessly provided a space that boasts comfort but class at the same time.

Collage is your one-stop shop for all your architecture and interior design needs. The professional team handles your project concerns from the idea to concept to realization. They believe in adhering to traditions and incorporating these traditions within their innovations. All their projects are unique artistic images with functional solutions. Collage consists of a robust team of project managers and designers who provide impressive technical skills to back up the creativity of their design work. The team has never looked back, and they continue to grow and progress each year.

Today, Collage is present in Bahrain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, and is a proud member of prestigious institutes of the design industry such as IAP, IIDA, and BIID. The company has developed a collaborative team of over 50 members who share a respect for each other and are committed to providing exceptional designs and client satisfaction.

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