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Avaya Virtual Agent now available as a ready to deploy, configurable service

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Avaya OneCloud™ Experience Platform Enables Businesses to Elevate their Customer Experience in Just a Few Minutes

Avaya (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced an enhancement to Avaya OneCloud™ to dramatically reduce the complexity associated with virtualizing customer interactions. Avaya Virtual Agent is a ready-to-deploy, configurable service that delivers the full benefits of virtual, AI-based communication experiences to businesses – immediately elevating their customer experience. 

Recent Avaya research with Ipsos indicates that based on their last interaction with a virtual agent, only 1 in 3 customers would recommend that business to others. This is because only 50 percent of them had their issue or concern resolved. This lack of success is due in part to the historical complexity of developing and delivering effective virtual agent solutions.    

Avaya Virtual Agent removes this complexity, enabling organizations to quickly deploy Avaya-designed, pre-built, cloud-based self-service agents instead of building them from scratch. It leverages the Avaya OneCloud™ Experience Platform, which reimagines communications composability, providing customers with the option of constructing their own workflows or subscribing to pre-built experiences. This also enables businesses to participate in the Experience Economy by elevating their customer interactions beyond just making them more efficient to also making them more engaging to capture increased customer time and attention. The Avaya Experience Builders™ community can assist businesses with getting started or with addressing more advanced deployment requirements.

“Experience is everything today, and companies need to provide an entirely new level of responsiveness that adapts to the changing needs of customers and employees, even in the moment,” said Simon Harrison Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya. “Avaya Virtual Agent makes it easier for organizations to rapidly compose the interactions that businesses need to ensure more engaging and memorable experiences.”

“With its new Virtual Agent, Avaya is delivering a critical component to partner solutions,” said Sebastian Anthony Corriere KMP, NPS, Founder & Chief Contact Center and Customer Experience Strategist at VesuvITas. “Every business and industry is rethinking customer and employee experiences, and the Virtual Agent helps the channel community and partners like VesuvITas build the unique experiences each business wants to create for its customers. Leveraging the latest in AI technology, the Avaya Virtual Agent powers contact centers and customer engagements with next-generation solutions that are fast and easy to design and deliver.”

“The kinds of things this service can do in minutes is more than a typical company could develop and enable in weeks,” said Karen Hardy, VP Product Management, Avaya. “Avaya Virtual Agent manages all the voice, telephony and speech recognition and orchestrates all the essential processes to make it easy to create natural voice, SMS or AI experiences. What this means for businesses and the development community is that in addition to immediately reducing call volumes to live agents, decreasing average call wait times, and increasing agent productivity and efficiency, they can elevate the customer experience to make their brands more engaging.”

Top Capabilities and Benefits of Avaya Virtual Agent

  • Easy-to-configure use-case templates accelerate business-specific self-service design and deployment without coding.
  • Single, easy-to-navigate user interface eliminates the need for scarce development resources and training.
  • AI capabilities can be easily added/incorporated, enabling more human-like conversations.
  • Support for 20 languages.

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