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ARC Talent: leading the change in the regional recruitment practices

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ARC Talent, an outsourced talent partner for enterprise, start-ups and multinationals looking for talent-acquisition support and growth, recently revealed recruitment statistics that will define regional industries in the new year. 

The impact of the pandemic over the past two years drove a lot of innovation and growth within the digital industries with B2C and B2B e-commerce experiencing a significant growth. The F&B sector and fintech is effectively redefining the future, with sustainability and agritech also presenting two areas of interest.

As such, a number of roles at all levels, but mainly mid to senior, will take precedence. This includes in tech (backend, frontend, full stack, dev ops), product (product managers, product designers, service design, UX and UI) and data (engineers, scientists). 

In the first week of January, 6,500 UAE jobs were posted for these three job categories, all of which recorded a 10% – 15% increase in offered salaries and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) that gives workers ownership interest in the company.

Abdul-Rahman Risilia, CEO and founder of ARC Talent, said: “To leverage the market’s current inability to cater to the increased demand for talent and the high wages that people living in the UAE come to expect, businesses are focusing on attracting overseas talent, especially if they have flexible or completely remote work situations in place. To put things in perspective, 42% of the candidates we placed in 2021 were based overseas, while 37% of them are working remotely. “

He continued: “1800 talent acquisition jobs were posted in a single day on LinkedIn in mid-January. Many businesses are looking to grow, but not all of them have the internal capability to identify and attract what they require to grow, whether they are start-ups, established tech companies, or family groups, among others. The current recruitment ecosystem is outdated and needs to be modernised and expanded upon. Companies are now in need of talent partners to support and guide them; the candidate journey is crucial in attracting the best people for a business.”

ARC Talent partners strategically with agencies, corporates and start-ups alike to provide the very best skilled talent region wide and internationally.


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